Marketing Cannons

Our Approach


Understand the current situation and define the opportunity based on client feedback and populating a SWOT and an Assumption Grid as a Team


Define a clear and actionable strategic direction


Create an appropriate and engaging way to communicate the strategy


Introduce and sustain the brand to all audiences

Who We Are

Bob Cott

Bob became president of CD & M Communications in Portland in 1985, Maine’s most successful marketing firm and is now a partner of Marketing Cannons, Inc. a new and aggressive marketing firm whose team includes a former A.C. Nielsen executive and a state-of-the-art IT/Digital expert. Bob’s experience includes assisting with the marketing throughout New England for LL Bean when it was a $3 million company and helped grow it to a $100 million company in just 14 years. He also assisted in marketing and advertising for Shaw’s Supermarkets and helped grow it from a 5 store chain in Portland to 135 stores throughout New England. Bob introduced Ira Rosenberg of Prime Motor Group in Saco to southern Maine and turned him into a beloved icon of his business while handling marketing and advertising for Prime for 6 years. Bob created the expression “No Line Is Safe To Touch. Ever” for Central Maine Power Co., which continues to be used twenty years later. He has handled marketing and advertising for Maine’s No. 1 Family-Owned restaurant, DiMillo’s on the Water, for 25 years. One of Bob’s proudest achievement is Prince of Fundy Cruises. He handled all marketing and advertising for the firm for 15 years during its most successful years which included working closely with counterparts in Nova Scotia to form vacation/getaway packages. Bob graduated from the University of Maine with a BA in business and has won all of Maine’s top advertising awards for creativity, including the Conwell Award and the Joannie Dow Award.

Bart Bale

Bart is an accomplished, experienced, Consumer Packaged Goods business and marketing strategist as well as a senior Client Service leader, highlighted by measureable results for companies and brands alike. In the progression of his career, Bart has held various brand management positions at both small, more entrepreneurial companies, such as Evenflo Baby Products and Barber Foods, as well as much larger operations such as the former Beecham Products, now GlaxoSmithKline. Bart was one of two people in a 25 person Marketing Department at Beecham Products who was not ex-Procter & Gamble, therefore, benefiting from having been trained in the time honored P & G way of marketing and strategic thinking. Bart specializes in learning what the needs of the end users are; in leveraging brand equity; and in the identification, development, and launch of numerous successful new products such as: Aquafresh Toothpaste, which became the number three brand Over 80 new SKU’s at Evenflo that accounted for 65% of total company sales over 10 years and contributed to a more than doubling of factory dollar sales without the benefit of acquisition Chicken Grillables at Barber Foods was launched in just 9 months from concept into test market at Sam’s Clubs, generating 100% incremental sales and profits over time Bart worked for The Nielsen Company as a senior Client Service leader, accountable for delivering world class client service to a top 10 client. Bart and his Team of 19 Associates secured two multi-million dollar contract renewals on the GlaxoSmithKline account based on successfully delivering against the stated client value drivers, as validated by the client, including the CEO. Bart was Manager of the Year and his Team was Team of the Year while on the GlaxoSmithKline account. Bart is known, in part, for problem solving, strong two way communications, leadership, being a team player, and reliability.

Michael Dobkowski

Michael Dobkowski is an Internet marketing consultant with over 20 years of experience. Initially starting out in the design and marketing realm, he quickly gravitated towards web in the early search engine days. In 1998 Michael started in the ophthalmology field with QVS technology Group and Sunrise Technologies Inc. During this time period Michael developed web marketing concepts and online patient education programs for the LTK laser procedure. Towards the end of 2000 Michael Dobkowski started Glacial Multimedia Inc., in Chicago Illinois specifically designed to assist medical practices and companies with Multimedia. Glacial Multimedia quickly generated a quality reputation in the field of medical marketing but has since expanded into other website development areas. Michael has been involved with various search engine research projects and conferences since the onset of search marketing, including research for Smith Research and Yahoo Search Marketing, ASOA, ACES and AECOS course lectures, and MIMS symposium course director. Michael has gone on to work for many practices, various eye conferences, charity organizations and medical equipment companies.


BA: University of New Hampshire

MBA: New York Institute of Technology 


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