Navigating The Changing Face of Marketing

We are a full–service marketing services Team that will help brands and companies grow, profitably, by clearly understanding end user needs, by leveraging brand equity, and through targeted, high impact messaging.



Strategy Is Our Heart

Using both a SWOT analyses and a risk management Assumption Grid will help crystalize opportunities by capitalizing on a fact-based value proposition.

Creative Passion

Our creative talent is ready to take our concepts and turn them into meaningful stories, websites, advertisements and videos.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing presence extends nationally and across multiple markets in this country. We bring back flavors from all over the world to create one of kind direct attack of marketing activities.

Your Consulting Partners

Our Team is different. It’s all about helping your business grow, profitably! We have the ability to create a well-thought out Marketing investment program and not just another ad campaign.

Who Are We?

With Marketing Cannons, you get all the benefits of a full-service firm without the full-service price! Our Leadership Team has over 100 years of marketplace experience to draw upon for your business. Bob Cott, a legendary Portland, Maine, ad agency guru known for his compelling creative, among other things Bart Bale, a proven results-oriented Marketer and an award-winning Client Service leader Michael Dobkowski, a digital marketing expert, from Glacial Multimedia Inc., is often tapped to share his knowledge at conferences around the country. Our mission is to help the client understand how to grow sales and interpret the ever-changing digital advertising landscape. We bring a unique perspective and a serious creative edge. Today we offer a unique, multidisciplinary skill-set and broad-spectrum portfolio that touches on all facets of marketing communications: branding, broadcast, print, digital, design, direct, new and emerging media. Because Marketing Cannons’ interests are our clients’ interests, their success is our success. We start with understanding our clients businesses through discovery and then create strategy. This strategy permeates everything we do – from creative that’s produced with purpose, to digital work that dazzles the eyes, to a media plan that makes your message heard. CONTACT US


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