SWOT Analysis

April 27, 2016Blog


We were chatting with a Marketing Cannons client the other day about the need to do a SWOT analysis.

The client, who has been at his company for nearly 20 years, said they pretty much know everything about their business. After all, he said, we are experts in this business.

No doubt, but, when was the last time you analyzed your business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, we asked.

He said, well, we really have not done any kind of analysis like that before.

When he said that, the bell rang!

We said let’s take a crack at doing a SWOT, together as a Team.

The resulting analysis was revealing.

They thought their customers were completely satisfied all of the time based on random feedback from a few customers.

Turns out, some customers, as we learned from a subsequent customer satisfaction survey, were not happy about the amount of time it took to complete the work order. Too slow!

That weakness really spells OPPORTUNITY!

Based on doing this SWOT, and the attendant learning, the client streamlined his work order process and introduced software for the customer to track the progress of the work order to keep two-way communications flowing.

And, the client said, when he asked those customers about their updated satisfaction levels, they now were completely satisfied!

Mission accomplished!

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